Motion Graphic Designer

Maadi, مصر

A video and motion graphics designer, or a digital artist, creates motion graphics used in our multimedia campaigns and graphics for our products and sometime does technical illustrations. Creating a conceptual design, developing storyboards, collaborating with a team, editing and then implementing a graphic are all in a day's work for you in this positions.

You will need to be as talented as you are skilled in using applications and software. You will work with various parties, whether inside or outside Cubex and its subsidiaries, that may include marketing staff, project managers, developers and end clients.

A degree or experience in fields like product design, fine or applicable arts is preferred.


  • Create visually stunning video assets and content

  • Collaborate with creative directors and other teams to best support larger media goals

  • Take initiative on projects to over-deliver new and innovative solutions

  • Create graphic templates for easy use by other team members and client teams

  • Adhere to brand guidelines in ways that still push creative boundaries

  • Provide accurate time estimates for each part of the process

  • Assist in selecting appropriate audio, graphic and animation styles for the project.

Must Have

  • Prior experience with and a strong portfolio of motion graphics work

  • Expert-level knowledge of Adobe Suite and common motion graphics design software

  • A never-ending desire to learn new techniques and technology to advance your craft

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Superb visual and conceptual skills to solve problems and create novel solutions